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Thursday, February 22, 2018

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"You like to throw "triggered" out a lot, huh? Can we not form an opinion towards someone that has entered the public domain?"

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Please find a giant pry bar to get your train back on the rails.


I've never Blocked any one. Never will. I believe in free speech and NO Censorship.


"Maybe she wasn't allowed to talk..." Get real.


Suit yourself. Discard if you want. No sweat. You said "Just learning by reading......'.


Yes, it is much less ridiculous to believe in things that can not be proven.


Spoken like someone who can't even define basic terms.


Jews in diaspora did not get as much sun. ? Sometimes wonder if Africans in dispora, their offsprings may also have more faded skins, over time .? ?? ??


People who are bothered by gay stuff usually have latent gayness deep within. Everybody knows that. Except you I guess. But deep down you must know it.


fair enough, I appreciate it. for the record I agree that demands of empirical proof for or against the existence of god are bad arguments. to demand proof is a nonstarter, these people don't really want to have a discussion. this isn't to say that we shouldn't discuss evidence, the things that convinced you or failed to convince me should certainly be on the table.


There hasn't been a U.S. Military draft in over 45 years, I think you are safe


And sooner and later youll have people saying it never happened. Wait for it.


Well, it's not like they tell us what the vote percentages are, as the votes are cast. So there is no effective way you can actually "vote to minority status".


No need for insults.


Oh I would challenge anyone to try their crap on me now. Three black belts would show them they would be in very much trouble. And I also teach kids and women self defense in my spare time for free. Five moves is really all you need to learn, you get them down pat? Trust me, anyone attacking them? Are in for a whole world of hurt.


I live in the UK so I can only go by what I experience here. The UK is sometimes portrayed as this great multicultural country but in reality the underbelly is much murkier. Racism here has not so much increased as much as it has come out into the open since the Brexit vote. Incidences are more frequently reported and the connected world gives us access to more news (and fake news). I grew up and went to school in South London in the 70's and the black/white/asian thing was evident if not obvious. You could see the groups of black, white and asian groups sticking together like it offered some kind of protection and I suppose it did to a degree. I am of Italian extraction and my darker than white skin prompted problems with mainly the white boys who simply labelled me a w*g. Fights would break out all the time but when a fight was between a black and a white boy there was extra spice to the fight and the name calling would be open, same with black and asian or white and asian. I watched the fires of the Brixton riots burning in the distance as a 20 year old and was fully on the side of the rioters, most of the people I knew were black and half of them were on the front pages of the papers being carted away by angry parents or police during the riots. Racism in UK is rife I am sorry to say and most of it is out of fear of those who are different from them. I have walked away from people mid sentence in a conversation because I couldn't deal with their open racism but more importantly I couldn't have them thinking I was of the mind as them. I trained a kids football team and had to listen to idiots talk about kids in the most derogatory ways and being told it was just a joke or an expression when I pulled them up on it. With the spate of Islam related terror there is yet more distrust in society, the ignorance that goes with that distrust is truly amazing, I have heard people simply calling anyone with brown skin a muslim, how f*cking stupid can anyone be. I see no way through for people of that mind, these are adults in their 30's, 40's and older. That isn't to say it isn't rife in the younger age groups, both my kids are in their 20's now, both work in education fields and both give us accounts of racist behaviour by people. Brexit has brought about a spike in reported hate crime, but I feel it was always there but for some reason this vote has inspired some to think that this vote means they don't have to hide their racist views. I don't know what can be done to fix this, as long as we have racists teaching their kids racist views it is going to take a long time for it to die out.


Naw, North Carolina is better, Texas BBQ is over rated.


Who are these know-it-all commies that know our children better than we do?


I don't think that at all. I know it's the devil. He just happens to be the god of this world. The Israelites were Gods chosen partners to pass on the knowledge of God, but look ate their record. Why so bad? Because they kept rebelling...getting away from God. That's it you know. It's not being with God in heart. Atheists ate faaar from it. But if it makes you feel better, religious are even further from God. Religious murdered Christ. Right? The title of the book is covenant or partnership with God. Good hint...get and stay close to God, few did and do. That's the way to change it all.


sorry, can't be.


All the governments of the world need to know when they are dealing with Trump they are really dealing with Putin.


In this case, we're back to square one - a global catastrophic event should've left global evidence of all kinds - geological, biological, historical, etc. Which we don't observe.

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