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Thursday, March 1, 2018

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"Ah... but evolution is different than abiogenesis! :-)"

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Sexy ebony teen craves a monster cock

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It can be through religion. If you are not religious and you see no way of having that view of death then I think you have just proved it to yourself. Congratulations.


If the existence of this heaven of yours could be proven, the issue would be mooted out, for there would be no dichotomy between the religious and the secular. As it is, by admitting that you cannot prove the existence of this heaven of yours, you admit to making claims to knowledge you don't have to someone who is about to die, thus perpetrating a fraud which you are attempting to pass off as a benefit.


Well sure. But to say that because scientists MIGHT be wrong, that we shouldn't listen to them, is just palpable stupidity.


Not sure about 3. Bring me evidence.


That?s why, to answer your question.


Then tell me what you think it is when god said he would kill those children and then did it.


Explain your definition of abuse. Because I'm thinking I abused my kids by making them stay with grandma for a couple days.


Exactly. If even flawed human beings at our level of intelligence can see that there are better solutions than many of the ones nature has cobbled together, how insulting is it to believe that a much greater intelligence like God would have done a worse job than mere humans would have in his place?


As your posts reveal.


I don't believe there was a historical Jesus.


No, that's actually some Christians. See


I dont know, if i could choose it would be chuck schumer


"Billy, its me Chino! Joe says he's sorry! "


Speaking of Psychology....


So, Mary, mother of Jesus, makes Joseph cuckold, gets knocked up, and over 30% of the planet believe her when she says it's god that didit.


Unreal! They probably rent halls too for their baby showers and baptism parties.


I think that can be true in some cases.

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