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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

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"or even change definitions"

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Why don't you do it here?


What if you die during the act with your sex worker? Does that make her your widow?


Eric Holder has ZERO chance...


Nope your misconception is thinking you?re not in a religion when you are. Atheism meets all of the criteria to be a religion.


Where did I claim Obama was racist?


Ok so no gender specified then, still same quote... . X,D


You forgot narcissist!!!!!


Good morning JAW and welcome back. I know, I know but I'm being 100% optimistic here. There may be a few loose cannons in the PC party but the NDP is just full of fruit baskets. I'm sticking with my prediction of a PC majority like I've stated from day one.


The Holy Bible of our Heavenly Father tells us everything about creation. Six thousand years ago our Lord Jesus created the world. It was a paradise you know but Eve tempted Adam with her velvet glove if you know what I mean and everything went to shit. Now we are waiting for Jesus to come back and kick our asses up to heaven where every day is Christmas!


I can't wait to see who the advertisers are!


I said no such thing. I said that I am "as left as you will find on this channel". This channel swings pretty far right of the norm. You really need to learn how to read. The entire political spectrum is to the left of the average on this channel.


I do not live in the past and hope you do not either; however, in the past, it was the Catholic Church, not Christians who killed people through the inquisition for not converting to Catholicism, not Christianity.


When my wife was in the hospital and rehab earlier this year, I had a hard time being in the house alone because everything in it reminded me of her. As far as good feelings, hearing her voice or seeing her, looking at the 2 giant pictures of my sons when they were babies hanging behind my recliner always gives me a warm feeling. Just alot of things


If you are asking me, it means that you haven't read my comments.


True, Sharia is not only about prayer methods, but that is in there too, and has equal power and responsibility with any other rules. Which is the reason Sharia itself says it is for Muslims only. Because especially if the rules are from God, all rules are the same importance. There can't be any saying, well this is a minor rule and it doesn't matter.


I was, in fact, attempting to draw you out, in order to establish truth in a public forum. I am not interested in correcting you. That you must do for yourself, and with guidance can be accomplished.


You're relentless. I had a good laugh at the list you produced last night. I don't know if you were right on all of them but they all made sense as choices regardless.


Team it is your opinion that atheists are the worst. Based on a whole lot of nonsense, but sure. Your opinion.


Remember when you made excuses for priests who fucked boys?


Written by priests: Sons of fishermen if you believe their propaganda. Do you believe their propaganda?


it was a brutal rape, the villian went out of his way to hurt her as much as possible..which made her revenge doubly just


I've been busy and I haven't posted much lately and I don't see some of the "regular" names that I used to, but frankly people on here change their name a lot, so who knows.


If our physicists are correct and beings like ourselves can create universes,"..... YES!!!


Good morning nt


Been on a blues kick lately. I mean really really old blues. Thought this would work for a Throwback Thursday


Legal bigotry. He can refuse to serve gay weddings even though he serves wedding cakes to straight people. Bigotry and discrimination against gay people in the name of religion is now legal.


Kept for posterity.


I thought we were referring to the USA...


Many of us have spent decades begging theists to provide the actual evidence for their claims. They never do.


No one was permitted to enter the most holy place except on one day in the year, Yom Kippur, and then only the Cohen hagadol, the high priest.


Yes. And dad probably did it when they were younger.

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