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Saturday, March 31, 2018

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"Sounds sorta like travel insurance. Only covers you during the trip."

I had read that there is no love like a child's love. "I think we could make an arrangement, Mr. I went into the biggest stall at the end and sat down to relieve myself.

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"Once you talk about nothing it becomes something" Lawrence Krause - 2016 Asimov memorial debates.


that's your problem-- BELIEF


Yikes. Hope you get through this ok.


It?s so weird.


Science doesn't work that way and never will. You can look at the results and make a personal opinion but science will never have an opinion on God.


So I guess you are for a sitting presidential and his party's candidate spying on the opposing candidate for president of the United States


No, I know.


Who claimed divine authorship?


Refusing service to gay people is repression of an entire class of people. Sarah is not a class nor is she oppressed. That said, it seems kind of rude to kick her and her family out just because of political differences. Where has civility gone in the U.S.? I think the only two classes I'd kick out would be bigots and child molesters.


"Humanists bullies"? That's a contradiction in terms. No bully can be regarded as a humanist and no true humanist could be a bully. Humanist morality is every bit as good as religious morality and is, in most cases, better.


Opus, Clearly those that accept as a matter of faith that their God provides every answer to any question and is in total and indisputable control of every aspect of the universe have no impetus to learn anything or exert much effort to do much of anything, as I see it the best the zealous can offer is the pretence that their lives actually matter to their choice in gods.


Right on the cheeks


The context is how you arrive at certainty. Specifically, it is how an atheist arrives at certainty. If your claim is that we should look to religious faith for answers to this question, I suppose I shouldn't argue otherwise.


as opposed to telling us? or showing us for ourselves?


Which church? Which Iron age god is still worshiped? If your statement holds why is it not as large as Judaism or Christianity?


BN is moderated. It is an obvious falsehood that anyone can say anything they want here.


I did spend some time home when my kids were little. Was it harder or easier than working outside the home? Depends on what day you asked. But, I do know this - I was never as appreciated or valued as i deserved as a stay at home mom.


As I suspected.


And sometimes I do try to be a little humorous liking my comment before that but I am finding that that's not always obvious even when I add the LOL


What was so horrible about what she said?


I was talking to Decent. Leave the moderation to the mods and move along. I am sick of your bullshit already today. GCTDVD. I will ignore the rest of your baiting and trolling, but back the eff off.


My garbage day is Tuesday.


Some people just have too much time on their hands.


Your objection is unfounded. Since atheism is common only to atheists, theism is the common human experience. All cultures have some belief in a divine power. Atheism is a modern error. Atheism is a ridiculous position.


Uh, yeah. You?re not quite demonstrating adequate understanding in that kind of question. None of the Physical and Life Sciences explain what the Social Sciences study. The Social Sciences make amply clear that human beings need Psychosocial mental health, which would have helped Newton address his repeated episodes of nervous breakdowns, Huygens? his chronic depression, and Einstein his emotional abandonment of his second wife as she was dying. Therapeutic Psychology began with Freud?s unspiritual and anti-religious perspective, which he revised later. His ex-student generation immediately had spiritual orientations being developed, as in Jung, Adler, and Assagioli.


Ugh my heart was skipping reading this story worrying it would come out in a far worse outcome. I have a little dog too. He's about 16-18lbs normally, and while he is really friendly, he's a people dog not other dogs. There was an incident I experienced either last Christmas or the one before that where I was walking my dog in my parents' neighborhood. There are a lot of dog owners here with general good manners. [Everyone mostly picks up after their dog and if they have a dog that is rowdy or notice another dog beginning to get active ie barking excitedly etc they move to the other sidewalk]. This pitbull -- nothing against pits by the way, but this one was young and untrained -- was free leashing and it came running up to my dog which startled mine. Then it was barking at it and very aggressively trying to play or what have you. My dog wasn't having it and so I had to scoop mine up and the pitbull was trying to scale me to get to my dog. In the scuffle, my hand got injured -- probably from a deep scratch. I certainly did cuss the owner out in the heat of the moment lmao. I know that's not on topic per say but as for the dog park...


why the snarkiness?


OK, I might have misread it as a 'strawmanish' post.


You're going to be in for a shock lol

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