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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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When Suzie hitched her ride, she sure didnt expect this! During the detour

"I agree Pope. The argument is a common one, as is the rebuttal. Those that make the argument are typically not well versed on the issue and it generally leads to apathy on my side of the conversation. For those unfamiliar, google Atheist Atrocities Fallacy."

Money handed me a hundred dollar bill and said keep the change. Two guys get out of the truck. I entered heaven right there.

I brought my hands down and grabbed her shorts and pulled them down past her ankles and let them hit the floor. "I'm sorry what. After they passed out completely exhausted I fucked Debra.

The last inhabitant had removed his art and furniture, but could not take away the frescos painted into the plaster when the house was built, coloring the walls with scenes of nature and Roman life. About ten days before his transfer a deadly accident in the public housing projects in the South Bronx took the lives of sixteen people including that of Alexandra Suarez, eight years old, when the steel staircase suddenly collapsed.

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And also since at times we want our decisions to have deleterious effects on others.


So you hate gays as well. Pretty sad.


I appreciate that you can't offer a counter argument.


Poor Hilly ...still having her mental break down.


Prove Boorstin wrong.


Polygamy creates big implied legal issues that we haven't figured out yet, and usually relies on saying "women are less legally important than men." Because gender equality is something we're moving towards, I don't see polygamy coming forward until they resolve things like "parental rights in the case of divorce or death." That's specifically why we introduced SSM: all these things had been resolved, and it was a very easy "plug-and-play" model to move forward on.


What imaginary claim? I did not make a claim, I made a statement.


Demonstrate that your truth claim about a God is true, then.


It would be most unwise of me to get tits for pets, because my cat would eat them.


"It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the juice of Sapho that thoughts acquire speed, the lips acquire stains, the stains become a warning. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion."


My main point is, why not reach a conclusion based on what the available evidence indicates. That's all. With history, we're never going to reach a conclusion with absolute certainty. Historiography doesn't ever *try* to do that. All we can ever do is establish levels of probability, try to establish an explanation that A) Fits the evidence B) Doesn't depend on any un-evidenced speculation (as best we can, at least).


I would add realclearpolitics to the centre bias- balanced & reputable. Technically, it's not intended to be a news site- but it is, with the adjoining articles.


You are writing rubbish. The Romans were the masters, and the priests were the local collaborators. It is ridiculous that the Romans would do anything for them. The Romans only executed those who revolted against the Roman rule. Otherwise they didn't care. Jesus was organising an anti-Roman resistance.


Fun fact: That has nothing to do with public health. That is not in the Health Protection and Promotion Act nor is it in the Food Premises regs.


Why thank you. i?m actually not that bad to be honest. In comparison to my friend that has sickle cell o.o. She can?t even take medicine to help suppress symptoms.


Oh, you're one of those people.


What trend. The only trend was no growth. Look it up.


So what do you want then. Is not an apologist in the best position to offer a defense?


I think the business owner is an idiot as well first of all when everybody has an iPhone and can take pictures I don?t think you should be charging that much for 10 pictures and honestly that just sounds like something somebody would charge for an entire wedding at like 10 pictures


I suspect it's simply additional evidence that the current economy has completely decoupled the fortunes of the middle class and below from those with fortunes. Actually, I think it's more than decoupling - they're quite often anti-correlated now. I think I shook some things loose in my brain over the past decade as I SMH'd every time the market went down in response to


Blocked and reported for harassment.


I've just downloaded Dark's 2015 article on the subject. Thank you for the reference.


I have some very beautiful, and kind cousins who are very self conscious because of how other people have made them feel about their weight.


Your post indicates a low IQ. You are the sort most susceptible to propaganda based on fear.

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