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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Naked Oriental girl restrained and made to ride cock

"Cool cus i have less hair than the first guy??"

Personally, I think it was some paramilitary group that got into an argument with McKissock so they took out their revenge. Glennann stayed with them to stand guard over the transports and help Bowmen.

" Then they kissed and kissed and kissed. I asked her if my nude sun bathing was a problem for her.

Naked Oriental girl restrained and made to ride cock

" Joseph shut the door as she left. You wanna shoot your load over my hand?" she asked him. I licked up and down and stuck my tongue deep in her cunt and asshole. "As you're all aware, Matt and I have genies, as does Matt's mother Julia here.

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No they are Daughters of G- D...( Females )......and he is certainly not Jesus. ?? ??


I don't put much into Wikipedia. I personally like a church that speaks from the bible, not on topics. If the part of the bible your covering is on marriage. Than its fine to talk about marriage.


So I just googled this......


Not random. If quantum behavior was random, you would not own a microwave oven.


Mr. Chopra is an unfortunate representative of vedic knowledge in the West. Those who understand vedanta as I do see him as a student who didn't complete his studies. So no, I am not "Deepak" even though you wouldn't know the difference.


whoa now. that's an uncalled-for personal attack...


Someone with an opinion.


Indeed but if I may allude to an old Gilbert and Sullivan song (If everybody is somebody then nobody is anybody) if everything is artificial then nothing is artificial.


What sources do you have concerning Jesus?


The young guys or the 50 year olds?


I contend that without superstition controlling the thoughts of people in Europe for over a thousand years that so much more could have been accomplished.


Oh. I should say And this has to do with Trump how ? 2006 is a long time ago.


Who said that most drug addicts were poverty stricken? Who are the people addicted to opioids? Alcohol, prescription drugs etc. Who enters your mind when you think of drug addicts? Poor black people? Check your self out and get better informed. There are people in some very high places that are addicted to drugs. I know because I am a retired federal law enforcement officer and use to arrest them often. Many were doctors.


Ok. There's a collection of ancient writings that say that it is wrong. Some chose to follow it, others don't. If not, it doesn't change what it says. ??


The time is now.


It's like the wind. You don't see it, but you know it exists because you experience it.


Mine has a bar.....a wet one.


The absence of evidence....


But then I'm the "bad guy" for being so mean to the snot nosed brat. The same thing happened when I called people out for clogging up the intersection when the parents wait for the bus to the high school. These stupid helicopter parents claimed that it is only because I hate kids and hope they get kidnapped and killed. I wish I could say that I was exaggerating about that.


You are probably right. He's a coward, and I doubt he'd say those things to someone's face.


In my opinion, evolution by natural selection is safe for now.


Putin feeling better =/= getting something in return from Putin


New atheists are not rational. They are militant religious fundies


I don't wonder about any points concerning the Apostles Creed , the creed did not exist until about 700 AD. however I do not quite agree with you about when the body and the spirit is joined .


No I don?t want to argue theology with you because you?re the Christian equivalent of the Taliban. You?ll rant and cherry pick like all fanatics do. Discarding what you don?t like.

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