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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

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"that was a really long way of saying that god acts exactly like a god who doesn't exist would. even in his book apparently."

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He ripped the last few threads holding the nightgown in place and threw them to the floor.

Hard threesome with nasty whore

he pushed her into the small gym and closed the door behind him. Has her pussy went into spasms on his cock the farmer screwed up his face and held Alice tightly, moments later he was staggering back from Alice his cock wet and slimy, come hanging from the tip and his pubes matted.

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" Rylee said with a beaming smile "Hey Rylee what's up" Dalton said smiling back at Rylee "I have to um tell you something" Rylee said with a worried face "well actaully I wanted to tell you something too" Dalton said with a uneasy face "Well Dalton I have been meaning to tell you. They need freeing.

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It will change the face of politics in our country for decades! Thank heaven!


More faggoty spam


We have ALWAYS used the day of a presidents inauguration as the STARTING point of their administration! So you want Obama's tenure to start when 1-20-2011, 2012, 2013? LOL


Who said "just like"? You do realize that two groups don't have to be exactly the same in order for open discrimination against them to be equally wrong, right?


How is this MAGA?


Not if there are facts and evidence to support it.


Other people besides white people abort fetuses.


Children suffer the consequences of parents' actions when it's HUMANS doing things. But with God, a perfect being with all the power in the universe, that doesn't have to happen.


Compared to Trump's words at his "rallies" and every other time he gets "irritated", Maxine is the voice of Nelson Mandela.


Pico de gallo without cilantro is a crime against nature.


Yes, he was Stephen Hawking (May the chance be merciful with him) but for sorry, he accidentally, proved God's existence, Lol


are you seventh day adventist


I can still stop believing, You just don't get it. You try to spin this however you want but it boils down to the ability to stop believing, we all have it.


Trumpkin, proving your cult-followership, I should tell you that no one.......NO ONE........knows who the fuck Alinsky is outside of the Faux "News" universe. He's just not significant in the annals of history or philosophy outside of goofy right-wingers who only watch Faux "News". Just sayin'.


Again with dodging and weaving. Predictable. And pathetic.


Sam .... Well considering that the gospels says the only way to salvation is through Jesus teachings... That's a pretty straightforward comment. Although the nature of Jesus understandings, and teachings, and HOW he explained things I think should be taken far more seriously.... Only then can we truly define and understand the metaphorical vs the Literal of the Gospel scriptures. From talking about stories as an example, as to define Christ teachings, that he uses from the Torah at different points. To speaking out of his own spiritual wisdom, which dose not corrupt or say opposite of spiritual law and teachings of Judaism... This comes with taking 30 mins of ones day.... To read the bible.... But yes you are right to say sometimes the consciousness' of a person dose not reflect the holiness of scripture or Christianity... Though they will say they are a Christian....... Never the less, sadly you probably could not explain this too them, least they attack you for being just as judgmental...... Life and the circumstances of it has to be their teacher....


The kidnappings of children at the border were designed to deflect from the Mueller investigation. Seems to be working at the moment.


That was me leaving George Bush Intercontinental


I don't respect Rudy for his 3x married, self righteous, flawed sense of values when it comes to others.


lol, by your definition of a true christian, there is no such thing as a christian then


Entropy is right. When I hit 40, pieces started falling off of me...

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