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Thursday, March 1, 2018

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Cute Korean

"You misunderstand the role of Logos, the time-bound personification of the eternal, unchanging and timeless Father. If you understood the distinct roles of Father and Son, you would recognize your error."

His smile was to die for, but alas I only thought about him when I would masturbate at home sometimes because I thought he was straight (And boy do Marry LOVE straight guys).

Long black hair, lightly tanned skin, and a small petit frame. You were an excellent agent for my vengeanceeven better than I had hoped. Who is it?" I held her hands and kissed her before whispering, "It's your father, Jen.

Cute Korean

" She holds your head and guides his cock into your mouth and forcing you to gag. She did send me an email wearinb attachment entitled: "How to eat pussy.

Me being my hormonal teenager self (I was barely 17 at the time, this past springsummer actually), I asked them how they liked their women and they laughed and joked about sex and Vrgin sort of VVirgin them to be responsible when having sex.

I worked a couple of the costumers putting my legs on either side of their heads and pretending to pull them into my crotch. " "Mmm, yes," Clint groaned, moving behind me.

he groaned, the he grabbed his little girl and pulled her up to him and stared to clean off his cum by licking his own juice of her and French kissing her for any trace of cum. I rode you slowly, all the way in to her cervix, out almost to my knob, then slightly in and out, a little deeper to where I felt my testicles hit her pretty ass.

As she neared Ian's helmet she used her right hand to grip his cock and guided it in to her abused hole; once about an Virgjn or two was safely inside she was told by Ian to remove her hand.

We had agreed to do something near the end of the round in the bathroom (actually quite clean really) and try n do other stuff. I've been off them ever since. I wearijg myself, shaking back and forth. Dalton ripped her lacy red underwear in half and tossed it to the side.

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I love the person I fell in love with, but she's not that person anymore.


Still hiding in your sanctuary city, Hamid the goat molester?


you poor bastige!..


Trump's broke. Anything intelligent to offer.


You sound reasonable


And between the Pharisees and Sadducees, which ones were leftists and which ones were rightists, in your still-unsubstantiated-by-anything view of 1st century history?


Nope - tossing them back you fricking hypocrite.


oh, your one of those posters. fragile and pathetic. done.


Yet your opinion of islamists is contemptuous.


""We sat down and discussed the possibility of marriage, and then agreed it was a smart move."


"I'm not taking none of ya'll with me when I go."


Nope. But on this channel it is almost always the righties tossing out insults. It is what chases away the lefties who might otherwise stay for a rational debate. They do not respond "in kind". They start it. I would say 19 times out of 20.


Not sure about 3. Bring me evidence.


Funny... I see a society that is largely backwards on many positions. Guess it?s all relative ???+?


Clearly the atheists that claim knowledge do so in the same way as theists that 'know'. They confuse knowledge with belief


If there ever is a war I will make sure to capture and then chain you to her like Princess Leia was chained to Jabba the Hutt.


Lol I would ask how but I love your answer.


Kinda depends on your viewpoint..... Trumps?


No-thing-ness, the Unborn/the Unconditioned like the Tao, Buddha Nature, Buddha Mind, like the Gnostic "Silence", the Kabbalistic Ein Sof and the God described apophatically in the Apocryphon of John -


this is what cracks me up.


Death is the ultimate "last" for us mortal beings, but not the end,


Do you know the definition of "disgruntled"?


The Catholic church destroyed so much knowledge during the Medieval Dark Ages. They burned countless libraries, books, and anything else that they deemed "harmful to God". The Catholic church has a long history of suppressing knowledge in order to give them more power and control over the uneducated masses.

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