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Monday, February 19, 2018

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"Why are we spending resources to lock up people like this for life?? Absolutely no common sense in our criminal justice system."

She was about the same length as me. She had big cocks before she thought to herself, but never one Viftual thick. I told him he was probably one of the hottest kids I've seen in a while and that I would let him experiment with whatever he wanted.

Slim brunette Asian bitch rides and geinds that erect pleasure maker

Smiling Truda shook a moment then looked at Alan the doctor's mouth dropped open. "Right time give you a good hard fucking " Ian said altering his position slightly and taking a firm grip on either side of her hips. Now, strip and go into the den. She squealed. I slowly back up and feel the throat let me go just a little before pushing back forward and getting a gagging and sputtering noise from Marta.

The other guys said that I was very lucky to have joined up with Samantha. " I laughed now, though for a moment I was sort of nervous. Hellison had just made it to the 50 meter mark when they heard weapons fire from the other team. Dressed, we headed downstairs for breakfast.

I gathered the materials I swept onto the floor and put them back on my desk. I took a CD over to the Sheriff's Office after work and made it a point to see Holbrooke. ' I felt something akin to hands on my nipples and for a second I felt like something had prodded my ass.

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Lolol okay lolol I?ll edit for the sake of the message board, but not by my own choice


I?m not sure where the ?so you dont? part is coming from?


Maybe I should have left that out of the title. It seems I've cause a bit of confusion.


hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah you are a riot


Thanks for the fat pitch, ST!


None of that is an argument for slavery. People have been paying each other to do work since the invention of money, and people who get paid for their work do better work than people who don't. Slavery is actually quite costly, as Adam Smith pointed out in "The Wealth of Nations." It's a hell of a lot easier to pay someone to do work for you and then let them go on their merry way than it is to simultaneously provide for their basic needs but control all their movements and decisions. Slavery originated as a punishment for defeated captives, not because it had any economic advantage over wage-labor.


I'm with you: I think it's more sensible to tax consumption than work or investment.


Undocumented immigrants contribute more in "payroll taxes" than they will ever consume in public benefits.


BYOC where I work. I'm the only addict.


Speaking of crack, there is a legit place here that has "Crack Fries" and they are fvcking DELICIOUS!


I literally eat like a billion slices of bacon a day.


Yep. In that they can't change what their sexual preference is, in that it is something set in them from the start.


Its removing a portion of someone's body without their consent for no real purpose other than religious purpose. The health benefits are nominal at best, and there are risks associated with it.


Will do - thanks for understanding :)


Back when I commented at The Atlantic, I was accused of being such a shill. They might exist, but there are genuine people who believe in using genetic technology to feed all of us.


God did it His way is more like it. Its...observable evolution from fully formed life, and a built in limit to that change (mutation).


I wrote a whole OP on that and ummm.... it's true. Experience talking.


Depends on the definition of Leprechaun. Is it consistent with itself and reality?


Damn! That's cold! They didn't sneeze on my lasagna.


Prove it, I need the scientific data that says here in this region of the brain resides Butt Stallion.


Oh... but put us in a room to discuss the minor points, and there's hell to be paid!


You are wrong, it was the ruling class, those that needed dominance


Given today's indictment, the judge will likely revoke Manafort's bail then:


That is not pro en. The burden of proof is to be held equally to all beliefs of all kinds. The belief that Jesus did not rise from death is a belief. The burden of proof on the one who has a belief that Jesus did not rise rests with the one who defends the belief that Jesus did not rise. So far, the ones who say it did not happen did not show it did not happen. The burden of proof is equally on them, along also with the ones who said Jesus did rise. Facts needed for those who laim he did not rise.


Charter member myself.


Yes, it isn't fair to generalize from isolated instances, but this is what we do everyday in many situations.


I'd arrest his fat arse in a heartbeat.

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