Baptist church hates gays

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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"If you truly believe that "most people aren?t seeing a difference" then nothing I say can evey help you. That's because you're completely dead to reality. Most of America IS seeing a difference; a Better difference. And if you truly believe that a 50 cent raise in gas prices is "soaring" then, again, no one can help you."

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Behind the scenes with pornstar Christy Mack

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You mean Trump and Fox attempting to create "truth" about DoJ and FBI.


"No one today..." ? Check the stats and you'll find that about 40% of


Yes, because we need to make sure that people who didn't bother to save for retirement are taken care of. Ant, meet grasshopper.


Across history, we have multiple accounts of the same event. That's the beauty of having multiple eye witnesses. Furthermore, upon deeper research, we find that each of the Gospels were written for a different audience, therefore taking more interest in different aspects. These were still human beings, and so it makes sense that some details are included or left out based on the person writing.


Where's the hypocrisy in that case? They simply didn't want to be part of his photo op. Their response was respectable. Would you want to pose with Trump as if you one of his supporters? I doubt it. Furthermore, if Biden came in as a customer and not part of his campaign trail, he wouldn't have been kicked out as what happened with Sanders. So there's no comparison between that case with Biden and what happened at the Red Hen restaurant.




Correct. The best science can do is verify that people believe in morality. It cannot tell us if they ought to believe in morality. Nevertheless, people seem to have an innate sense that some things are inherently right and others inherently wrong.


No I was using it as an example


all they need be is true!!! I understand , the firefighters dilemma when someone calls them to a fire and there is no fire.. or no emergency.. but the kingdom of Heaven does not bow to your rules..God has his way or you can take they highway.. you by far are not worth more than all the many millions that have already believed... you are no more special than any of those... For the First 300 years Christians were led to the slaughter for faith in Jesus Christ.. The Romans made it incredibly difficult for them to maintain their faith.. now it is true that they had evidence of God, same as I have.. The HOLY SPIRIT , Himself!!! The bible says that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. They asked believed and received.. and 300 years later they were still there, and the Romans under Constantine , relented!!!


Cyrus Vance - the DA bringing these charges - did not bring charges against Weinstein before because it was more politically advantageous not to. Now it is more helpful to his career to support victims instead of silencing them. He turns my stomach.


imagine the nerve of these chuckle heads, forming conclusions based on what the evidence indicates, and refining this as new evidence is introduced. much easier to dismiss the evidence and just say god did it.


And if you believe nonsense why do you need to go on a forum?


Wah!! Wah Wah! Cry baby! False. That is what YOU were talking about. You were saying that your comments were evidence, and they are not. Where have you been? On Pluto? I have consistently said that man cannot prove God. He is too great to be proven by mankind. There is evidence of His existence, though. You are just jealous.


None, just responded to you. I didn't mean any offense I explained some rather basic concepts reguarding technology.


Pppppffffftbbbhh Why you lie!


Now, prove that he actually said these things.


I do that at the time of planting. Works better for me.


good to know you think your stupidity is funny. at least you have that.


The deal is we are supposed to lie with one another in the context of a male-female marriage.


Calling me skippy is also a personal attack. You. Don't. Know. Canadian. History.


Philosophy professor Bradley Dowden explains the fallacy as an "ad hoc rescue" of a refuted generalization attempt.[1] The following is a simplified rendition of the fallacy:[4]


or a minority standing outside of a Trump feel good rally.


Nobody likes things to change from what they desire. Do you like people to disagree with you and advocate for positions you dislike?


I guess my chances of seeing the day are a little slim!


Some of the first Christians, Marcionites, believed that the OT and its God were inferior to Paul's new God.


"And this year, he issued the same proclamations, once again leaving out LGBT Pride."


That does sound like something you would do doesn't it.


Have you tried CVS Pharmacy?


The positive arguments always end up being negative in that they must be used to counter a positive arguement


Doubly so when they have the same name as their father and grandfather. That's like the American equivalent to royalty.


Simply saying, that only by believe in God and Holy Bible then gay people realize their mistake. There is no mistake when you not believe in God and Holy Bible.

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