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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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"A person is blessed if they are a child of the kingdom and are running their race to transfiguration in life alive by eating and assimilating the Divine Eucharistic Revelations from GOD that deals with the mortal nature, the fallen nature, the sin nature from its root - the blood cells."

He pulls it back out tease the entrance to her. It dissolved into humming rapture.

Asstraffic redhead is bent over and fucked in the ass

One of the male teens chopped a guard and tried to escape but was gunned down a moment later in the hallway. "There's no such Edfects as ghost. She boldly entered. I went into the biggest stall at the end and sat down to relieve myself. I shivered. "I told you you'd be my whore Alice, that you dxting be used by me or anybody I allowed, look at you, come all over your face with a strangers cock in your pussy in a country lane, you're a whore Alice and will be fucked like one".

I watch them cuff Steven and escort him away from the area and I figure we're done here datig I take her to Pale Datong and we get out of the area. Since the company had made the reservations for all of us it was a big surprise that four of us were from the same company and sitting together.

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" My jaw clenched in anger.

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It's often not even the norm for soldiers depending on where you live, let alone for human beings in general.


You've gone from promotion to approval. I'll keep working on that. The government did not place religion in the schools.


I understand his apprehension, you can never be too sure. However, I have met two (gonna be 3) people that I only knew off Disqus, and I?m still alive lol.


Ah , now I remember you... You still have nothing to say ...


You don't think my god _____________ exists because you're angry with Him


So, what is supernatural? Anything one doesn't understand? 99% of the population don't understand how a Diesel engine or a Nuclear reactor work. Do they have to consider these devices as supernatural?


remember when this channel had 10 mods


Read the articles. Species evolving, how and when fits genesis more than ...neo Darwinism. You guys reject everything...PE down the line. So spare me. Science isn't yours.


Ok, I guess you know almost nothing about biology, geology and archaeology.


Support your nutty "dictatorship" talking point. Name one unconstitutional thing he's done.


When everyone on the left stops, driving,flying as well as heating and cooling their homes i will know they really believe in what they are preaching. As of now they are still using all the things that they say is the cause if global warming...


Not everyone is interested in being prosperous at all costs. it's all subjective opinion.


D!ckwhisperer? Gotta meet her!


This whole channel averages a LOT further right than the norm in Canada. I am well aware of where I sit under the normal bell curve of the electorate in general.


"Or, perhaps the signed Nazi-Vatican Concordat with Adolf Hitler's


Not so hilarious now that ypuve been owned, eh slaver? See you after you recover


About 7.6 BILLION people on Earth, I don't think we are in danger of going extinct.


Seeing people mistreated for the crime of being different. I feel so frustrated and helpless to change people's reactions towards a person who has done nothing wrong, but fails to fit into a group for whatever reason. My urge to 'rescue' people like this have resulted in both genuine friendships and utter disaster. On the plus side, it always inevitably drives a lot of fake people out of my life.


The last time I went to a flea market many years ago it was call north lake flea market in fruitland park Florida


Yes, plenty do. They do not let your kind of hateful propaganda keep them from it.


Any moral system that condones slavery isn't a good moral system. Its one which causes harm, so I'd have a hard time saying that any god which does that is exactly a moral agent.


OK Folks, we all know the Democrats are not serious when they cry social justice or income inequity, we know it is just a power play to keep them in power, but how do we really get these points across to the great unwashed masses.


That's an incorrect analogy. Instead it would be like a judge reading from the same rulebook as every other judge and because they disagree on what the law means- you say that they are not a real judge.


More pedophile politicians all around #FTW!


lol ... i think so and i hope so ... but lol


There's no point in talking to you if you think that 'HE is not the Son of GOD. HE is GOD the Son.' makes sense to anyone but a believer. You need to show me god is real before making claims about him.


Original sin is overrated. God isn't all that worried about it. It's better to just concentrate on what we do in the future: not what's happened in the past.


I don't pretend to be an expert on the bible.


Glad to see "business is picking up" over here on the OTC. :)


lmao, oh! now you tell me!


Your paranoia would be an interesting clinical read if it weren't so fn delusional. Turn yourself into the nearest hospital, ASAP. Tell the nurse your head is all fucked up and needs to be removed. :)


Economics is only a "liberal art" for those for whom economics is beyond their understanding.


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