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Monday, February 19, 2018

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Lilly Hall joins Rahyndee James for dike out session, natural body babes

"If you say so...."

He picked her up by her ass, and she threw her arms and legs around him. "Pull her down the chair a bit Dickey" he said waiting for him to do it so that she was now almost laying on the deep chair with her arse hanging just of the edge. we just sat there me trying to come down from one of the best cums ever as my buddy and his little girl laid at my crotch, not much was said at first so before anything else could be said I asked if I could taste that little pussy before he could say anything we heard Cindy's voice "only if mom goes first" Hope you all enjoyed this story.

Lilly Hall joins Rahyndee James for dike out session, natural body babes

"Looks like you got the ten dicks you ask for all at once slut now hold on while I pump your guts full of cum. "We can't just leave these lamps here. "We had some excitement here apparently--a shooting down the block. And my cock was illustratedd hard from watching him make her squirm and moan.

Three: We never have any secret lovers. I was almost positive I'd told the movers to place it in the living room, and I blushed at what they must have thought as they positioned it across from my bed.

She takes her cues from Jennie and me. This is the first experience I shared with my best friend Wayne, Wayne and I have know each other for a while in fact we both Frse fucking the same woman before we were married, though not at the same time.

I think I need more sleep," Harman and Varick both grabbed an arm when Alan tried to stumble toward the bedroom. all I did is kept his cock in my mouth reaching down from his balls to his ass hole, he just spread his legs, by then lil deb was slurping away at my illusrated that I reached down and slowed her down, I didn't want to come just yet, my buddy on the other hand was close, I felt him start to tense yelling "oh shit" I wanted this to be special, I kept sucking as I reached down and pulled lil deb off my cock and up to me just the I felt the first spurt hit me I tasted his juice but then took his cock out of my mouth and and aimed it right at his lil girls face, I grabbed his cock and stroked it on her face she flicked her little lounge and started licking it up, her face was covered with his sperm, I let go of his cock he took it in his hands and jerked it few more time smearing some on my cheek, I said hey buddy how was that.

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Reply back that you hope her startups were all successful as she's going to need a lot of money to pay for her children's rehab shortly after they go away to college (or after they move out, if they don't go to college).


Heard on the radio on the way to work this AM. Break out the accordions! It's National Chicken Dance day.


You have to start somewhere. How do education levels in Ireland (for all age groups) compare with other developed countries?


Good morning. Well, let's leave it at "mornin to ya".


The problem is creationisms constant attempts to get their voodoo pseudo distorted version of what they call science to be accepted as real science.


Are you discussing the Bible or the RCC rubbish?


That complaint swings both ways.


No one cares about your retarded son


Much of it, I think often times you get people who are fairly new to an idea and looking to shout their opinions in zeal. I wouldn?t consider this exclusive to atheism, it?s just probably more noticeable when you?re in the opposing position. I could easily see an atheist making the same post about exuberant Christians.


I upvoted this one because your own joke made you roll around on the floor laughing your ass off.


it's so silly looking back now thinking "honey, you were NOT ready to be having sex."


I sometimes wonder if Russia has paid trolls for climate change, maybe the Koch brothers. Can people be this dumb about the science of climate change?


Thank you. There are clearly sociopathic trends in the Bible - not only the rape of women that you cited, but also the wholesale rape of women and girls as being part of the normal booty of conquest...


Happy Hump Day!


both genders agreed to a social contract. men would do X. women do Y.


What the hell difference does it make if he now and them comments?


It would have been neat if they had replaced the "voice of God" for "Jesus"


I?m simply fed up with the extreme left crucifying one form of fundamentalism while largely ignoring another.


Looks like her daughter. Is it better?


It isn't a baby.


Evolution does not contradict is a process of creation...


Funniest part is that I progressed from being 'a work in progress' to a 'piece of work' awhile back...lmao


The Gospel According to John.


No response. Sorry. You're on your own. It'll probably be better for ya anyway, right?


Not surprised that you exhibit as much class when you win as when you lose. You are consistent if nothing else.


I've always admired a cat's fierce ability to Focus on moving objects.


No it is not unpopular with me... 6 sisters and 5 brothers.... if not for that I would not be so... "loved"...


Bravo. What all controlling god would allow the deaths of these children when it could be stopped with a swipe of his arm.


There are no positive arguments for god, just wish thinking, emotions and fallacies.

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