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Saturday, February 17, 2018

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"Well Duchess Yvonne of Sussex thank you for starting this discussion, been such fun especially on the day of the wedding itself. Better go now time to get ready for the evening party, got to polish my tiara"

Virgil and I walked together right behind ane women. Three smaller loads followed in the same pattern as she squeezed every last drop out with her hand. I tried to jerk off standing up but the shock of the cold had turned my off.

Busty MILF Fucked Hard

"Damn, Tim-I wish I had someone I loved as much as you love Jennie. "I don't know how you've affected me, but pleaseI can't take it any more" "Alright, hang on.

Gripping her ass tightly he pushed deeply into her core. It was harder this time. I saw silent tears begin to spill from her eyes.

I wanted to save her from the life of forced servitude.

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Man faces criticism of inappropriate behavior with a woman in the workplace and responds by saying he hired a disproportionate amount of women to surround him in the workplace.


Do you know what Random looks like?


Ah, yes, that thread died... I was looking to reply but I didn't want to go and join another channel just for the sake of it.


No, I'm me. And it sounds like you're unwilling or unable to defend your posts.


Women that engage in fighting with no valid reason are toxic people. Either stay far away from them or call them out on their shite.


Yes. They wanted to be their own force, in themselves. They needed no God. He granted them heir wishes.


Done! Sorry I missed that.


How can you be the son of an OB/Gyn and not know that unprotected sex leads to pregnancy?


The Constitution is the law of the land. And I will ask again, what makes Germany an ally????


Lunch!! So I am walking up to the grocery store to get lunch and an elderly lady walks up. She asks me how much the outdoor plants were. I said I had no idea. She say my ID babe hanging from my neck and assumed it said Ingles...


And it's still illegal. Face it -- if a bunch of bigots hadn't been such jerks in the past we wouldn't have these laws, so if you want to blame anyone for these restrictions, blame them.


Yes I certainly do. The best part is you posted something from a comedy show and presented it as a summation of truth. What part of a list like that does Trevor not rely on for his own ratings?


Of course they were.


Not usually, no. Not in my neighborhood or families.


I?ll do one at a time.


I am about a 1 certain of an intelligent creator. The door to belief is open just the smallest crack! I do not believe it at all, but I am not 100% certain that it doesn't exist.


Read the transcript and testimony. He was asked to create a cake for a homosexual "wedding." They did not just go into the shop and try to pick out one that was already created. So, that sincere Christian would have been creating something to facilitate sin. That is unreasonable to ask.


Omg I was just saying that I hope not Tom Hanks


Free market isn't what has or is happening. Government interference is driving a lot of the BS.


It is absolutely fine if a politician's faith informs his policies. Absolutely no problem. None.


Sadly you didn't quote any part of Judge chapter 1.


Which is fine. When others expect people to believe as they do to the point of ostracism, bullying, assault, imprisonment, threats and even death religion and god belief crosses the line into immorality. Something it contends it is all about.


Guy?s acting like it?s stil the 1950?s and he found some unknown hip jazz club.


That is not the definition of agnostic, no... that's just sitting on the fence so long that you've become a fencepost.


If anything the eyes of the world are being opened to the fact that Putin is waging war against all the advanced democracies of the world.


It was YOUR analogy, luv. :)


High school and they are waiting at the bus stop!


So you're an avowed heretic then. The Heaven Nazi says "No Heaven for you!"


Having a private attitude is different from creating a hostile workplace environment. This is the third time I have pointed this out to you.

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