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Monday, February 26, 2018

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"Although analogies have their limitations I'm not referring to fashion trends. I'm talking about beauty as a feature of existence. It only exists for the one who can appreciate it. It cannot be proved empirically."

Had the Doctor died they all would have died, Hitler would have bombed the bunker. It's dirty-earned on the geautiful and suffering of others. Fiona's hands snaked down and she pulled the swollen lips hiding her entrance apart showing Dickey exactly what was waiting for his throbbing tool.

"Help yourself" I said "Oh I was going to don't worry about that" and with that his jeans were off as were his boxers and his big thick cock was on view to me between his legs.

Finally in the bed he'd created the day before Alan mumbled a thanks then let the darkness take him. "I would have enjoyed a little more sleep, you know. Thick white spunk seeped from her pussy in a long trail, over her abused asshole and down onto the bonnet in a pool.

Ripping off her shirt and taking off her bra he began to kiss down her neck to her perfect tits and began suckling on them "Oh baby that feels so fucking good Keep going" Rylee managed to say.

Carmen went to her locker and grabbed a few things.

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lol - I still look like that LOLOL


They did this to us. THEY DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mhmmm. Do you care about others?


We can add "compulsive liar" to the list of terms that apply to you.


We can say the same of you, in your reasoning.


Just stumbled across it. I know nothing of the royals. Nothing I say!!!


As long as you are not symptomatic it probably wasn't that bad. Have you seen a cardiologist? Had a stress test?


Its actually copy and paste, but, why would my words hold more authority than the words from evolutionary scientists?


It means everyone living in the country accepts its laws.


Actions don't have to be illegal to be wrongly intended.


Well, you could claim you accidentally dropped them in a lava flow!


14 hours... What dosage? heh....


Along with lack of parenting. That is #1.


Leftists predictions are becoming LESS reliable than Bigfoot sightings.


Highly doubt it. An incumbent majority government in a thriving economy is very hard to unseat. It is awfully hard for the opposition to put together a wedge platform to counter that. And playing up silly things like how the PM dressed in a photo only works on the base. It does not work on the needed swing voters during an actual writ period. Also consider:


This is a stupid argument... and that is quite sad, but enlightening...The "argument" is implicitly saying, that if Darwin's theory falls, then so does evolution and creationism is the de facto winner on the spot....


Your original comment:


Keep telling yourself that. It won't matter at all. You are not qualified to make that call. Human evolution is the best documented science there is. That is taught in every Christian college and university in the world that teaches life sciences. Everything evolves. Christianity evolved from ancient sun worshiping cults.


This one has a little more clarity in the case


I know you do, and I love the passion that drives you. Though sometimes your words don?t come out perfectly, I know what?s in the heart.


No worries. I think we'll get to King Trump IV before the world gets blown up.


I think we'd be a stronger people if we learned to actually deal with death and that THIS IS ALL THERE IS. Make the best of it!


I'm sure it's been pointed out, but the Bible does claim divine inspiration for itself. Of course, the Bible is actually a library of books, but still, as a general statement, the Bible does claim divine inspiration for itself. So the OP must include "it's one big fat lie" in it's description of the Bible.


Is that Tone Loc? I love Tone Loc. Funky Cold Medina.


Woke up at 1 with a migraine....still have a migraine, but........

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