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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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"Kevin, offering custom cakes doesn't mean that every single cake decoration is available for purchase. The baker is free to turn down sex-themed cakes or swastika cakes."

"Tomorrow morning, Heidi; Jennie will be home then. " intology said that I would prepare dinner for you when I got back," Arcadias said with a chuckle as he walked towards her.

I discover that I don't like them very much and resume beating the hell into the heavy bag.

Eastern European MILF Lenka

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I don?t need to cite the others, you won?t even accept the first one I cited, which is completely relevant.


Some theist diatribes are just not worth responding to, and not even for this primary reason, though that's a good one.


God knows our very thoughts! Our very thoughts are enough to condemn us. Yes to hate a person is to murder Jesus said. To lust after a woman or man is to have already committed adultery with them.


"Why not consider...Goddidit once more?" Because god did it is not an explanation of the mechanism. Things are explained by using simple things we understand to explain the more complicated things. You do not explain a complicated process by referring to a more complicated being as the explanation. Lets say ToE was falsified and has been shown to be incorrect. That in no way help creation, what is the evidence that god is possible, that he is responsible for creation and the diversity of life on earth? What is the mechanism that was used? Magic?


I do not like coffee.


You know you just disproved your own statement that you have absolute knowledge right? Or are you just that dense?


If they turn to the other gal and dive into splooge faced carpet munching...maybe?


Talk about getting it backwards! Not surprising from ass backwards conservatives though! Ha


Read the NT.


False premise. I am not ignorant about science.


I saw it. Did he say that (whatever) theory of evolution exists?


There is no understanding individuals... There are 7.5 Billion of them...


You're still wrong, Gillette. Your side *wants* to make this a Freedom of Speech case, but it's not. Phillips denied them service BEFORE any discussion of decoration, wording, toppers or the like was even discussed! He flatly refused them service for a publicly available item *simply* because they were a GAY couple. And that's when he chose to break the law.


Except the people most offended by the gesture seem to completely ignore what the people making the gesture repeatedly say it?s supposed to signify to give it a different meaning so they don?t have to address the issue that the players are actually trying to call attention to.


"He threatened to hit the company with an unspecified tax if it attempted to sell motorcycles in the United States that were made outside the country."


So Catholicism has not increased as a percentage of population. The data on Brazil is not cherry picked but shows the RCC declining as it is in the western world.


Haha - said the guy hurling lunacy like "butt pirate." And you think I'm the one whose emotions rule. You are a clown.


But the reason they could use the avenue is because there did not seem to be religious rules or otherwise awareness against it.


Do tell, what kind of collaboration has resulted from your retina looking inside your skull?


I never claimed that EVERYONE is quoting Clement. But in the case of Luke, there is good reason for supposing he's quoting Clement: namely, the variety of Luke's sources, which include Matthew, Mark, Q, Thomas, Galatians, Josephas, Papias, Eratosthenes, and Homer. He was an educated 2nd-century Greek with access to an ecclesiastical library.


But your critique seems to be "We can't trust this written account, because it's based off an oral tradition" rather than a first hand account.


Meh, not just Wiki, but it is a source of info.

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