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Monday, March 5, 2018

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"Some good points. But mockery doesn't work on those who have been conditioned to respond only to the shame of their own authority and peer group. Such a tactic only emboldens them against outsiders, and serves their persecution complex... Those who equate martyrdom with piety have to seek sources of oppression. When their whole world is structured around their religious culture, then every little slight becomes the spectacle du jour to show EVERYONE how much they "suffer" for their faith..."

" Then seriously she continued. Your young body is soft and warm to the touch. The cops think some other gang took all of them out.

Mini Amateur Facial Compilation

How about you?" They sat on the couch, and she cuddled up to him. Then came to oosing, the bad folks who took advantage of youngsters both male and female alike.

She did obediently, which I saved, then left back through the alleyway and made my way home. Her heart raced. Now, in golf, having a person who plays hockey is great because they Inidan the body for it. I soaked my poor panties as I kept drooling over her. " Sandra turned to the small galley kitchen where she poured a generous portion over several ice cubes and made herself a gin and tonic.

Oh, okaythank you. No matter how long I explore I will never see all of it, and when I think I iwves i find new Path oosing leads to a whole new section of the woods. If there were ghosts here, they certainly wouldn't be the friendly kind. It dissolved into humming rapture.

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BTW if you guys think that is Ascension then Adam Holmes is as well. Remember we chatted about the Payne sock the other day?


just look at all those developed secular nations with their high standards of living... they're the worst. /s


You actually had to have face to face conversations.


And that made sense in your head?


Yes about prayer - Bible says pray w/o ceasing - I say fine!


Nope. Not an anti-trump rant at all. Please cite where I have not posted facts. Please cite where simply put, the problem will be solved by only dealing with one side of it.


Actually he ran over the fat chick. The alt-left professor is the one that had the rifle. You know the story, right? The media didn't cover it, Cuz one of the darling left had an AR-15


I don't care what a partisan article that doesn't deal with the problem "focuses on". If you want to have a real conversation about this problem, let's do it. This is the problem in this country. Each side only wants to talk about what supports their ideology.


I am not religious because i am not in the bondage of her doctrines. I am a Son of the Spirit Because i am being groomed by the Spirit, the Son of Man who is the husband of the church.


party affiliation has nothing to do with data-utilization and understanding.


I do think that very heavy moderation (like our benevolent dictators here) tends to keep them at a minimum. People tend to get very frustrated by this and retaliate by calling it 'a suppression of Free Speech.'


Do you wear sunglasses indoors, even if there's no medical reason to?


I'm not saying religio-politicians don't need to be closely watched and restrained when necessary. The news from Ireland todays suggests that we can do that successfully.


Obama once said if your political opponents bring a knife to an argument, his followers should bring a gun...


Not among my friends. Men are to blame for everything. They say it so often I am having sympathy for the devil.


All those freedoms dont hold a candle to the a life.


Don't really need to, I can simply look at their track record, as for the NDP, not a chance in hell regardless, we can't afford them at all.


"A Rose by any other name" . . All you have is "nomenclature" and nothing else . .How sad and pathetic!


Marriage is on the decline nationally. I believe in marriage also. People still couple together under other forms of commitment. The subject is the "legacy of slavery", not social change.


Yep, evidence wins over plausibility and probability every time.


Lol. Thanks, Sir. It?s True tho....


That doesn't change the fact that you don't have the nuts to call him a bitch to his face. Which is to be expected from cowards who hide behind computers.


Oh... Like... Heh Ambien makes me read innuendos everywhere...


The articles say they were bottlenecks more than likely , not me. What else could they be? I'm not the idiot geh. You deny what science is slapping you in the face with. That's denying science too :/


So it still isn't a logical answer. How is a child's foreskin a sign of covenant?


Talking points are enough Sling Blade, Fox News and conservative radio, you?re not the only person listening Sling Blade, you?re just the percentage stupid enough to believe it. ;)


Honesty on what essentially is a guessing thread ?


It was a Pace picante commercial of Cowboys sitting around a fire and the competition is mfg in NJ... yeah few years back.


How did you determine that the day will come when evolution is disproved? How did you determine that there are only two choices?


Education is never truly worthless. There are many things that interest me that I would not borrow $60,000 to learn. The ROI just isn't there. Also - some of these things can be learned on line for free. Or one can travel and experience things first hand - like art.

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