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Sunday, February 25, 2018

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"The thing is this -- Christians have disagreed about all sorts of things revolving around scriptural interpretation for millennia. Marriage equality is simply one of those spats."

My hands felt the wetness of my vagina and the sticky blood that was already drying in the cool air. I couldn't hold out any longer and started pumping rope after rope of cum into her hot pussy.


I looked down at her lacy bra with Movw red flower design on it. They had come prepared for a long wait with I-pads and books. "Now I know why you wanted these you dirty fucker" he said throwing a small plastic bag with three little blue pills in on the floor near our neighbour; who I now knew was called Dickey Maybe my assumption of him being a dealer wasn't so far off the mark if he was able to supply Viagra tablets for our neighbour.

"He has no shorts on," she giggled, "Let's see what he's got. They walked up to the room that they had converted into a nursery. "Onee-sama," I moaned between licks, the spicy flavor, lingering with cotton, staining my tongue.

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" "Has Felix ever been a normal' guy?" Abbie laughed. There was a huge rushing then a screaming that approached at a rapid pace.

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Call me if you need me. Scared and with the death of all but 1 of her marines, she need to get firl people off the planet fast.

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Don't you wish.


I have gone back to the discussion and it is so shuffled around that it no longer makes sense. Let me point out that I was agreeing with your comment : It was truly convenient and typical, The whole thing is too convoluted.


When the "topic" is something you wrote yourself, and the "discussion" devolves into people posting old, tired, unfunny memes, you don't have much going for your channel. Even as I find myself increasingly at odds with the *contemporary* left, I still like to engage in worthwhile discussion with those who lean further left than my mostly-centrist self does...but LHN makes it near impossible for that. Other places (like The Atlantic) tend be a bit more welcoming to a wider range of viewpoints, and the discussions tend to be exactly that....rather than memes and random incoherent swearing.


you point #2 is false. there is always an edge to the scientific understanding, and currently, we cannot guess at what came before the big bang. but that does not mean there was nothing before that, or that scientists claim there was nothing


do you think the fact that most the first settlers were CHRISTIAN had anything to do with that?


Before the twentieth century people would claim to be kidnapped by fairies or demons, About the 1940's people claimed to alien abductees. These people experienced something you could call supernature. You could ask them about it, As yet we don't fully understand what happened to them. One possibility is Sleep paralysis but that Doesn't explain the whole thing like swamp gas Doesn't explain every UFO sighting.


That is correct. God is immutable; however, He does allow us the free will to choose the course of our own lives. When we choose our course in accordance with His will, the efforts of our hands is blessed. When we do not - pain, sorrow, chaos, disease, loss without consolation is our future.


Like a Vetruvian Man!


Claiming to be a Christian doesn't make it so.


Another ad hom. How many more jihadist attacks you need to see the threat?


And yet it has not one thing to do with Trump. Manafort is not Trump and the charges against him have nothing to do with the election. The witch hunt is failing...


The Roman empire was distinct from the Hellene city states.

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