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Saturday, February 17, 2018

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Ambe Michaels - Puritan Video Magazine

"I understand you are trying to stretch the definitions of a word to the point of making said word meaningless."

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I?m sure everyone?s personal motivations are different. What drives me is my inherent purpose. The way I see it, it is near impossible for me to actually be here. When I think back to my lineage from the dawn of time, how even the smallest change could have affected my very existence. It would be equivalent to winning the lotto max jackpot 1000 times over.


According to who?


pfft. some people do not respect my narcissism and that really hurts.


sing the "golden globe awards" song , buy country joe mcdonald..


And in your desperation to prove a creator you are willing to talk out your proverbial butt.


Your insults do not change the facts. The Bible is a horrible example of social morals, unless you do what Thomas Jefferson did with his version and remove everything, including miracles and hell, and just leave the kindness and mercy teachings of Jesus. The rest of it is crap.


So... if it didn't happen it's not really reasonable to accuse God of those murders, right? So what you're saying is not only did God not kill "hundreds of millions of babies" but God didn't even kill the smaller number I'm arguing for?


Ok so you are officially ignorant.


"In the beginning" (Genesis 1:1) "God created the heavens and the earth"


The best version of the golden rule is the Hindu version. This is the sum of duty;do naught unto others what you would not have them do on to you.


Next time I'm in trouble I'll use a firearm and not call the police. They won't get there until ten minutes later anyway and their presence runs the risk of them accidentally shooting me.


Where did you see anyone ripping Muslims for whatever reason? You definitely talk to an imagined opponent. Yes, Koran represents a medieval barbaric culture, but since it is believed to be perfect word of Allah, exemplified by life of prophet Muhammad, Islam is unable to change. Do you agree its doctrine is incompatible with humanistic values?


Well, that's what happens when Hamas uses those kids as suicide bombers...


What a moron! Couldn't be bothered to read past the headline....thats a liberal for you.


So whats your excuse for humanity?


This is spot on Gretchen. Should be pretty easy to prove fraud. When these business owners send their payroll taxes in, there has to be an account (SSN) to assign the funds to. If the number is non-existent or is assigned to a person who doesn't fit nor live near the business, should be pretty easy to figure out in my view.


Why does this still come up? There is no real agenda to make a government church.


Open carry makes anti-gunners panic.


I'm sorry that you don't like hearing your belief ridiculed, but maybe you should stop believing ridiculous things?


Most presidents dont issue pardins unti their final year. Trump is trying to signal to Cohen and Manafort he will pardon them. And win brownie points from his base.


Where is Bibleland? Israel or Utah?


Nope they are 2 different things.


Because Yehoveh spoke the words to Moses, because of the covenant relationship Yehoveh made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel, it?s not circular reasoning at all.


Lol! This should have had more upvotes : ) Reminds me of a favorite Calvin and Hobbes:


He is a cannibal.

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