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Sunday, July 1, 2018

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The Last of Us(Ellie)XXX

"YESSS!! Spider-Man and X-Men. I remember watching the animated series on TV when I was younger."

Halfway through the second bottle of wine Samantha managed to talk Debra into trying on her white transparent negligee. as I reached the gate I herd him tell lil deb that it was time to get out of the Jacuzzi and "get something in her tummy", just in time for lunch I thought, as I turned the corner, first thing i saw was my buddies naked ass bending, i could see his balls hanging, he was reaching to get his help little girl out thats when i saw that she was naked as well, I froze since I had never seen him naked with her, she dried off and then came over to her dad and went for a kiss on his belt line just like she had done before except this time he was naked and he didn't discourage her in fact he lifted his dick and placed it right on her lips and held it there for her, at first she was just giving it little kisses but as he stared getting a hard on she went to licking the head, he started to stroke it and that's when she opened her mouth and he started to feed his hard cock in to his little girl, it was obvious that this was not the first time for her, as he was stroking his shaft, she took more of it in her mouth (his cock is slightly longer than mine of 7 inches but not as thick), it looked ten time bigger in her mouth, at this point I had my own hard on to deal with, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I unzipped my pants and had my own hard cock in my hands stroking away as I saw this wonderful sight.

The Last of Us(Ellie)XXX

"Right time give you a good hard fucking " Ian said altering his position slightly and taking a firm grip on either side of her hips. The first finger penetrated her, rubbing the lube into her muscular ring. I was forced to watch as the strong would ravage and sodomize the weak.

It's been forever. If you wanted to get a taste of a woman so bad, you could have just hired a prostitute. I looked over and saw fingers sticking through a hole in the stall.

"Onee-sama!" I gasped as she seized the knob of my butt plug and pushed the cone-shaped toy deeper into my rectum. "Very well Master, your wish is my command," she said, before standing up, and mounting him.

I walked to her house, and watched her stand on her doorstep trying to think of excuses in case she was seen when she entered.

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I am doing no hand-waving. I am simply responding to your analogies and pointing out their problems.


Even more hilarious!


He doesn't say much, but his silly "isms" are the best, like "Laundry is never really done unless you do it in the nude".


"None of them are "totally ignored"."


I can not date you because of reasons...


That's a nice straw man.


Lol. I?d love to see it!


Incorrect. Try again?


Better than taking the whole family and in-laws to Hawaii every few months. That wasn't cheap for the tax payers.


Here is a recent report of the controversy concerning xtian claims regarding the date of origination of P52 and other fragments of Papyri.


Not sure, but I'm betting it's much more complicated than you or I can understand...


God has made His existence, attributes and principles of moral judgment self-evident to me.


God didn't choose this system, the 3 rebels in Eden did. Issues were raised against Gods sovereignty in Eden. God is letting it be proved wrong.


You don't hear much about that cherry-picked global warming "pause" any more.


MOST of the idiots who are behind this thing are immigrants to Ireland, not actual Irish.


Okay. Nothing wrong with that. Just know that this is a huge universe and a lot of stuff is possible. There may be more than one "god". Who knows.


That comment clearly and unambiguously shows how stupid, bigoted and racist you are


Not a written test! A practical test. Everyone in the United States should be required to take a firearms safety course whether or not they own a firearm.


Disagree...really needed to drive the point home that Rudy is a fucking idiot. Very effective.


Don't we all.


Yes, equal. That is what not partial means.


You need a whole new style wannabebond...


LOL. So you're a unionized public servant who stands to get everything demanded, or are you just a masochist who enjoys paying a LOT more for everything? Do you drive? Are you eager to see 35? tacked on to the already outrageous price of gas?


Yes it is, but that?s the reality we deal with today. Partisan extremists on both sides, have become the spokes persons of liberal and conservative parties.


Yes it does not make you feel good even though Markle tried to be plain Jane in her wedding dress like she was an innocent and a poor maiden. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against her but thought the wedding dress was not pretty and looked like it was made on a sewing machine. This is how she was yes to be portrayed in my opinion.


I read a lot of fiction.


Glad you enjoyed it. Here is some More. I am a Mother now.

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